Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Is masking tape the modern papier-mache? Part Three

Here are a few examples of the completed, based and painted palm trees as promised. The picture below shows a base of a couple of trees.

Another shot of the two tree base with an unbased building to give an idea of scale.

This is a picture of all the different palm tree bits I've made so far. I have a few ideas for more to keep each one a bit individual.

The group of trees that featured in the first two parts of this item.

This is a dead palm tree. Basically it's just a small garden variety twig wrapped in masking tape then painted. Masking tape covered one end creating a nice bump as if the earth has been pulled up when the tree fell. The bumps are just small stones glued to the base then covered in the usual way.

You will notice that there are no leaves/fronds, this is because the locals have already nicked 'em to make fencing. Honest, thats what they do with them to keep the desert back in the same way we build sea walls. (Here's the photographic evidence taken by yours truly from the edge of the Sahara in Tunisia).

Now before you go around poo-pooing the whole idea as cheap and nasty, don't forget that these are only meant as a wargaming representation, not as a precise copy. After all, even without the headings I'm sure that anyone could have recognized them for what they are. I suppose for more leaves you could use finer wire (same place and price but obviously a lot more length for your dosh -don't even think about it- the only problem is that when you need quite a few to make it look aesthetically pleasant, less work is definitely the order of the day. I envisage about 25 -30 of the little bu**ers should look alright.

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