Friday, 25 June 2010

Long time waiting

Okay, I know its been over a month since my last entry but I now understand why ancient armies didn't have many elephants, I mean have you ever tried painting the bl**dy things? You would have thought big, grey and thats it... er no. They are all that and a darn sight more, especially if you have men on top and castles, shields and standards and everything else to paint in as many different colours as possible for effect.  But I did them...all 3 of them. Have a look at the pics and you will see what I mean. 

The commanders hand painted standard and side panels are made from thick tissue paper with a couple of coats of PVA to harden it a bit; poles from brass wire; sisal rope on poles and the golden decorations are from a child's plastic bracelet superglued in place.

The Byz skatties have hardly any convertions exept for one archer chappie who now has a leather skull cap cos he lost his helmet. 'Put that man on a charge, sarn't major!'

Quite chuffed with the paint jobs on both. Now, honestly there are the first dozen of the Sass clibs undercoated and ready to go...after I have finished another seven Hunnic Mongols of course.

Don't know whether you've noticed that there is a strong Hammers connection with this World Cup squad. Green and Upson still play, Defoe, Carrick, Joe Cole, Johnstone, Lampard and Ferdinand (if he was fit) have all played for the Irons at some stage. In the original 30 you could add Parker to the list as well. Not bad eh? Speaks volumes for the Academy.