Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Persians coming out of our ears

Pleased to say that another unit of Persian light cavalry is nearly finished. I use the term nearly because I painted necessary figures, based them up and everything, then noticed that I hadn't sorted out a standard bearer for them; so now I have to paint the final light cavalry unit including two standard bearers and can't do the bases until they are done as well. Both units are from Lancky Games and true to form I have had to make some spear changes because of excessive bendiness and breakages. None the less they aren't looking too bad at the mo.

As Youngest Offspring is at Uni, I have convinced the missus that a weekend visit to Sheffield is a good idea...somewhere around the middle of April perhaps...maybe even the same weekend of Triples -what an amazing coincidence. So now I can get the rest of the Sassys and the Byz units that I am missing. (Probably end up getting other stuff as well.) I have already been in contact with that nice Mr Kay at Irregular to prepare him.

Thinking ahead to Derby this year and the start of next year's project, I am not sure whether to get 13th Century Russians/Poles/generic Europeans or Sung Chinese. I can use the Sassys as Khwarizmians so that's one army I don't need to get. I might even get some more Mongols to complete the second tumen. Currently, I have 4 x 15 figure units heavies and 8 x 9 figure light cavalry units. This translates into a full strength tumen of 3 HC and 7 LC units and one of each left over for the second. The jury is still out on that one.

Keep em wet