Saturday, 15 May 2010

Finally, got some pics for your delictation

Long time since my last post; things been moving along apace. Triples was good, spread out over a few halls but good nonetheless. My only beef was the positioning of the Bring and Buy, caused a lot of congestion as it was in a sort of funnel type corridor.

We arrived at Sheffield station with no problems and while waiting for YO to arrive in her nice new jam I took some pics of the nice water feature just outside, then put camera in coat pocket. Dozy ar*e that I am, I took my coat off in the car and bloody well left it there...didn't realise until halfway around the show that I'd left the sodding thing behind, so sorry no pics of Triples from yours truly this year. 

More pics of the boys as you can see...3rd and 4th LC and first LI units for the Sassy's all finished  and  the 1st unit of Byz Skutatoi finished, just need the base material done. Not only that but also, I have included some terrain bits wot I have made, namely a few bits of rocky broken ground, a little generic village for the Middle East and a few casualty markers. There are also a few pics of the whole of the Sassy force to date; next up will be the two units of clibs. I have some buildings done but not enough for a second base yet.

Oh, Hunnic Mongols figure total stands at 14 finished, another 7 undercoated. Worked out that if I get another 60 odd cavalry, I will have a couple of tumen. Its a start.

Mine are damp, are yours?