Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Pictures Galore!

Well, we have had a reasonably sunny day so I have been in the grounds snapping away like a Bailey possessed.  All of the first unit of Irregular cattyfracts are finished as is the first unit of Lancyshire light cavalry. The chap on the grey had the  horses front legs cut away from the base and superglued to a twig I found outside somewhere. Simples! The three pics of the levy by Irregular are just a mouth-waterer -just got the shading to do on the last lot. 

Any comments on the use of floral displays as a unit recognition system?

I have the first unit of Byzantine cattyfracts prepped, undercoated and awaiting the addition of some colouration. Watch this space! 

Keep your brushes pointed.


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Keeping 'em going

Two complete units done now -a unit of Light Cavalry to go with the cattyphracts. A third unit, that of Irregular Mini's levy infantry has one base of 10 figures completed and another ten have all the base colours blocked on. The last ten are undercoated with the shield fronts blocked on. Rather than make them disheveled and levy-looking, I have gone for a nice and clean, straight from the tumble-dryer look -although the colours are definitely light and washed out looking.  Following this I don't know as yet...might even make a start on the Byzantines just for some variety. Looking well good, even if I say so myself. Raining again on and off today and we have had new central heating fitted so painting time has been severely limited. (Hot water on tap again at last is something you people that have it do not understand the luxury of. [After that last sentence, my old English Language teacher is probably turning in his grave as I write.]  Bring forth la belle winter weather, cold, rain, snow sleet et al, I don't care a jot, my life is now complete.


Hoping for some shiny thing in the sky to show itself soon so that I can take some photo's...you never know, it might happen.