Sunday, 1 August 2010

Grassy, tufty thingys

Here is a quick and simple method on making grassy, tufty thingys that all discerning wargamers seem to have as part of their basing protocol. Yeah, yeah, I know the nylon tufty thingys look better but you have to buy them, this way they are completely free, and more immediately to hand. 

Cut a small tuft of sisal string and apply a blob of glue from your trusty glue gun to the bottom. Then stick it on a piece of spare card, I use the same card as for my bases. Only the quick drying adhesive of a glue gun works  because if PVA or contact adhesive is used, the lot falls over before the glue dries. 

When required, a sharp, angled tug will pull the tuft off along with a layer of card, thus keeping it all together. Cutting different sizes and lengths and gluing them down means that you have a ready supply of these totally indispensable items. Now you can use PVA or contact glue.

Damp is better.


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