Saturday, 31 July 2010

Is masking tape the modern papier-mache? Part One

Now, a few posts ago I showed you some buildings wot I had made. The other day I thought I could run through the construction process for anyone who wants to know how simple it is. But at the time I was having a go at making some 15mm palm trees so here is a pictorial tutorial on the way I make them instead. (The building piccies will happen, I promise). 

1. Using medium sized coated gardening wire on a roll (£2.99 from Homebase) cut out between 6 and 9 relatively even lengths. Accuracy is not crucial at this point.

2. Lay out a strip of masking tape with the sticky side up and secure at each end with thin strips of the same. Lay out the wires with the ends closer to the bottom, although once again, accuracy is not crucial. Leave gaps between each wire as per photo.  

3. Lay another strip of masking tape, sticky side down, over the first, making sure that the tape sticks in between the wires.
id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5500470763224605106" />

4. Cut out in between the wires so you basically end up with some square lollipop shapes.

5. Cut each of the squares into spearhead shapes.

6. Holding all of the wires together, wrap masking tape tightly around the stem, starting about 15-20mm from the bottom. (In other words, leave enough to glue down to the base.) Wrap at a slight angle to represent the bark stopping when you reach the bottom of the leaves.

7. Once wrapped, gently prise the leaves apart and bend over in all directions. Do the same with the 'roots'.

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