Thursday, 7 October 2010

Quick Tally-up

Right, well as you have already guessed, I didn't hit my painting target for the year. For the Sassy's I ended up one unit of LC and a unit of Levy short (nine cavalry, thirty infantry and six bolt throwers plus crews to be exact). Not included in that total is another Levy unit of thirty from Donnington bought at Derby. For the Byz...well, most of them are still in the box. But in my defense I did have a couple of diversions like the repainting of the bases of my two WW II 6mm armies and also starting on the Hunnic Mongols which, by the way, currently stands at 28 painted, leaving a mere 104 to do and it took an absolute age to do the three elephants and all the pretty colours on the cavalry.
So, grand totals for the year are as follows:
70 infantry
76 cavalry
3 elephants

29 infantry
15 cavalry

Hunnic Mongols
28 cavalry

6 Middle Eastern buildings

Pitiful. I reckon if I'd spent a bit more time painting and less time surfing through anything on the tinterweb that caught my fancy I would probably have at least half as many again painted but, as I did say at the beginning, there was no real time factor involved. (Luckily I hear you say).
Now this attitude seems to smack of defeatism, But Nay! I cry, I shall carry on turning out the units at irregular intervals -I've already made a start on the next unit of Levy- and maybe, if I get a chance to go to the Walsall-that-is-now-at-Wolverhampton Show I hope to be able to get some after having the current crop of Sassy's done. (Be good if I could do it.)