Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Finally, pics.

Talk about dumbar** or what. After much faffing about with the camera I had a what I would classify as a brainstorm (with me it's usually a light drizzle...think about it), and tried the card from the 'incompatible' camera in a newer camera. Guess what? It only went and bl**dy worked, didn't it? So, after an almost geological period of waiting, here are some pics of the Clibs. Sorry, you'll have to wait a bit longer for the light infantry, after all, I'm still in a state of shock.


Saturday, 25 September 2010

Mightily brassed off with techno-lology!!!

Well, let me tell you! Old machine had 55 mega-giggsy-bytey thingys of which I could access 7...with next to nothing on it. MO -the resident puter buff- said it's because it's old and knackered. 'Like me.' I quipped.'No, you're just old.' he replied with a smirk 'Ta, son.' I said as I clouted the cheeky upstart about the pate until he outran me -about two seconds later. I thought of giving the stalwart beast a Viking funeral or or at least deep-sixing it until I heard the dulcet tones of a tatters trumpet, so it got heaved unceremoniously onto the flatbed instead. Now, I have another hand-me-up from EO (like hand-me-downs only in reverse) a machine that has lots more giggsy things. Bargain thinks I, then I find that der verdammdt machinen is running on Windows 7 and neither my camera or my printer are supported by that operating system! Managed to download the drivers for the printer but the ones for the camera are still hidden somewhere in the esoteric vastness of cyber-spsace and have eluded me. Tried one which worked a treat until I tried to download some piccies -bloody software said no new pictures, despite 20 being on there! Still looking, though, it's not going to beat me. Not only that but it couldn't find the blasted tinterweb and the USB ports on the back wouldn't work either. The tinterweb problem was fixed by purchasing something called an ethernet cable and the other by MO doing something in the back of the tower. So that is the sitch so far. Clibs and two units of LI archers done but no pics available...yet. Still working on that one.

Derby next weekend. Boy, has that come round fast or what? On the list this year are some more levy infantry and maybe some more LC but I don't quite know about the latter. If I do they will be from Donnington for a change. Then that will be about all for the Sassys for a while, the remainder of this ongoing narrative will concentrate on the Byz boys.